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IoT powerful PC's and edge servers

​​Small enough to fit in your hand is an online store, based in Sydney, Australia,  that supplies a range of small, silent, powerful mini PCs and edge servers ready for the IoT. These industrial powerful PCs are an ideal solution where low power consumption, silent running and durability are required and where space is at a premium.

We stock a range of mini PCs and Mirco Servers that support Windows® or Linux® operating systems and with powerful processors amazing things happen with Intel Inside®.

With a range of mini PCs supporting 4K resolution, cellular data communication and dual Ethernet, they are perfect for applications such as multimedia, networking and communication.



Tensor PC

The new Tensor PC - read the specification here!

Tensor-PC is a new IOT fanless mini-PC supporting multiple modules with mix-and-match options.

The enclosure of Tensor-PC is parametric with independent choice of width, height and cooling ribs. These design features allow the buyer of Tensor PC to choose the types and amounts of:

  • Storage devices

  • Power input

  • I/O ports

  • Networking ports o

  • Extensions

Tensor-PC offers dozens of different modules to choose from. Additional modules are developed in a progressive manner. Modules are open-source-hardware in order to provide a reference to 3rd parties developing custom modules.  Tensor-PC supports multiple off-the-shelf cards in PCIe, mini-PCIe and M.2 form factors • The first Tensor-PC model is based on Intel 9th generation Core / Xeon with up to 6 cores, 64 GB RAM and 37 lanes of PCIe. Tensor-PC is introducing a new industrial temperature predictable-performance rating with no-throttling. Tensor-PC supports out-of-band management as well as identification and control of connected modules. Look out for more information coming soon.


A new kind of workstation

The exciting new desktop is available to order. The Airtop is a compact desktop fanless incorporating not only a high performance desktop processor, but also a full-height professional graphics card – a combination that provides unparalleled performance for a small-form-factor PC.

  • Exceptionally high performance – 8-core, up to 5 GHz Intel Core™ i9-9900K or Intel Xeon coupled with Nvidia Quadro RTX or GeForce GTX GPU

  • High RAM capacity up to 128 GB

  • Rich storage, networking and I/O, each can be enhanced thanks to Airtop3’s modular design

  • Passive cooling across wide temperature range and a rugged all-aluminium small-form-factor housing

  • Maintenance-free design, tool-free serviceability and advanced monitoring and diagnostics provisions

  • Dual Gbit Ethernet (Intel i210 + Intel i219) and optional WiFi 802.11ac + 4G/LTE modem are available as a standard. For higher bandwidth, dual 10 GbE card can be installed in the PEG slot. Extra networking capabilities can be added using a FACE Module

  • Small form factor – 7.5 litre, 10 cm width, 30 cm height

  • 5 year warranty


Airtop 3  - natural air flow desktop

Airtop 3 diagnostics
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The fitlet 3 IOT Edge PC.  With Intel Elkhart Lake Atom® x6000E Processor. Measuring just under 13mm x 100mm x 35mm. 

Like all other Compulab mini-PCs, the fitlet 3 is completely fanless, available at wide temperature range and is sold with 5 year warranty.

The fitlet 3 features

  • Intel® Elkhart Lake x6000E Atom processor

  • Up to 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • NVMe + SATA, dual storage

  • Optional Wi-Fi/BT + LTE/5G modem

  • Optional Isolated serial + GPIO ports

  • 7V – 42V DC power input

  • VESA / DIN rail mounting

Intel ATOM x6000E Series
Maximise your storage!

Not only are these PCs tiny, silent and powerful but you can chose to make them Tardis like... bigger on the inside than the outside.

Chose from our range of optional Solid State Disks (SSD) to give you more storage than you would think possible in something that fits in your hand. Store hundereds of movies, thousands of albums, hundereds of thousands of songs or millions of photos. These mini pcs are ideal media centres. Our online store stocks a range of these products and if you can't see the specification you are afer contact us and I am sure we can source it.

Our mini PCs and servers are of course fully compatabile with RAM and storage available from other suppliers but be sure to check the specifications. 

Tiny. Powerful. Silent

We offer a range of tiny, powerful, graphic rich PC's and accessories. 

These compact robust PCs are prefect for security, digital signage, kiosks, multimedia and much more...

Fitlet 2
intouch, touchscreens, commercial touch screens,

Perfect for touchscreen and advertising

The range of fit-PCs make an ideal partner for industrial and commercial touch screen interactive information displays and electronic visual advertising displays.   


These small units take up minimal amount of space, starting as small as 10.8 x 8.3 x 2.4cm with a weight of only 250grams, the PCs are able to drive interactive visual displays without driving up the cost, size or weight of a project!


The PCs have MTTF of over 100,000 hours and come complete with a 5 year manufactures warranty so you can be assured that these devices won’t let you or your customers down.


Using a passive cooling fan design allows the rugged, tiny PCs an operating temperature range (in the standard commercial models with SSD) of between 0°C - 70°C, thus ensuring your PC will keep on performing in the most harsh environments.


The range of PCs supports 4K resolution with multiple HDMI ports available making it easy to display your media at its finest.


Call us and speak to us about our selection of mini, fanless PCs we offer and which solution and specification would best suit your requirements. 

CCTV computers, fit-PC Australia, Security Camera PCs

Perfect for CCTV and security solutions

The range of fit-PC computer and micro server solutions are wonderfully versatile machines that are ideal for many solutions.


These tiny, powerful and rugged PCs are a perfect partner for CCTV systems. Compact enough to be installed in remote and challenging environments and but powerful enough to deliver great results and run VMS (video management software) effectively.


With no fan and no moving parts the PCs are able to run 24/7 and are highly reliable even in the most challenging of environments.


With CCTV systems able to utilise PoE (Power over Ethernet) providing reliable remote camera installation at a lower cost and the fit-pc range having an incredibly low TDP combining the two gives you a cost effective, scalable solution for all environments.


The fit-PC range of computers being, small, rugged, fan-less and with a low power consumption makes them ideal for CCTV systems in offices, shops, homes, warehouses, buses, taxis and trucks.  With no fan required for cooling, the fit-PCs are ideal for harsh environments such as marinas, boats and the outback.


The fit-PC solution is completely scalable, from one PC for your home, or office reception to a networked system for train stations, industrial complexes and military bases.


To speak to us about the solutions we offer please contact us via our contacts page or via our Inform Technology Solutions website.  

CCTV for boats, powerful, rugged PC, PCs for Boats

Perfect computers for your boat

The range of fit-PC, Intense PC and uSRV microserver products offer a fantastic  solution to all your computing needs on board your boat, pontoon, launch, yacht or liner.


All of the PC solutions we offer are micro, rugged, fanless and silent pcs, yet powerful and with an exceptionaly low TDP.


With no fan, no air is being drawn in to the pc meaning exposure to corrosive sea air is minimised thus maximising the life of you chosen  small form pc for your boat.


These tiny pcs are ideal for general purpose computing, great for emailing and browsing. The higher spec models are ideal for running your on board entertainment system, able to store millions of songs and thousands of movies for hours and hours of entertainment. The more powerful pcs in the range will easily be able to run the latest and most sophisticated navigational software on the market.


Get in contact with us to see what solution is right for you.