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Inform Technology Solutions maintain the fit-PC.com.au site to bring to market quality, innovative, powerful and exciting products that are suitable for use in industry or at home.


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By promoting these low energy green machines we are helping business's reduce their energy cost and allowing private consumers to pruchase powerful alternatives to the traditional desktop and laptop PCs.

So whether you are looking for a small, silent, powerful PC solution for your home entertainment system or if you are looking hundreds of low energy PCs for a special project then we are the people deal with.


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Tiny, Powerful

​​silent, low power PC

The fit-PC4 supports Windows or Linux, the fit-PC4 is powered by a 1GHz AMD A4-1250 dual-core processor with Radeon HD 8201 grahpics and a TDP of only 8 watts. The fit-PC4 Pro line features a 2 GHz AMD Gx-420CA processor with Radeon HD 8400E graphics. Go to our products page for the full specifications.

orders over $500 get


Touchscreens not included