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fitlet the tiny fanless PC full of openness


The fitlet – a miniature fanless quad-core PC that is not only packing more features than any other PC in its class, but is also designed from the ground up for unprecedented openness: Memory, storage, networking, extension cards and operating system can all be easily installed and upgraded by the user.


fitlet is powered by latest AMD low-power APU and is built into a sleek, passively-cooled ruggedized housing. Three fitlet models are offered in various configurations ranging from a plug-and-play Windows PC to a barebone system.



Warranty for ordinary computers is usually 1 or 2 years. To guarantee a computer for 5 years it must exhibit extraordinary reliability. These fanless computers are designed for durability, with embedded grade components in an aluminium enclosure having no moving parts

general specifications



fitlet is here, available in variety of models, the fitlet i, fitlet iA10, fitlet H,  fitlet X and well as the mint edition, we have outlined some of the exciting details and features below. 


One of the best ways to appreciate the value of fitlet and its technology is by comparison.

Below is a comparison between fitlet and the non-fanless Celeron Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH.



fitlet is 4 times smaller than the fanless NUC       

fitlet: 10.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 cm (0.215 liter)

Fanless NUC: 19.0 x 11.6 x 4.0 cm (0.881 liter)



fitlet performance is nearly 4 times that of the fanless NUC

Measured using Primate Labs Geekbench 3 



fitlet has more LAN ports, more USB ports and better expandability

6 USB ports in fitlet, 3 in NUC

Up to 4 GbE ports (Intel I211) in fitlet, 1 (Realtek 8111) in NUC

FACET card in fitlet, N/A in NUC


fitlet comes with a 5 year warranty

Only 3 year warranty for the fanless NUC.


Fitlet v fit-pc2

fit-PC2 raised the bar for miniature fanless computing and became an extremely successful building-block in robotics, digital signage, video surveillance,

telecommunication transportation and automation.


With its tiny and robust build fit-PC2 was mounted on vehicles, trains, boats, airplanes and even rockets. fit-PC2 was installed in clean-rooms and African classrooms, underground, in homes, restaurants, theme-parks, museums and military bases.


While fit-PC2 itself does not age, its technology does. It is time to introduce a better fanless PC.


Meet fitlet.









Fitlet v fit-pc2

fitlet-i Barebone is priced lower than fit-PC2 Value but has 10 times the performance of the latter.



fitlet is 30% smaller than fit-PC2

fitlet: 10.8 x 8.3 x 2.4 cm (0.215 liter)

fit-PC2: 11.5 x 10.1 x 2.7 cm (0.313 liter)





fitlet performance is nearly 5 times that of fit-PC2

filet-i compared to fit-PC2-C1600 (Z530)

fitlet-B performance is over 6 times that of fit-PC2 Value.

Measured using Primate Labs Geekbench 3



Up to 8 GB upgradable SODIMM in fitlet

fitlet incorporates 64 bit CPU that can address more memory and support 64 bit operating systems.

Up to 2 GB soldered down RAM in fit-PC2.



Radeon R3 through dual-head HDMI vs GMA500 through DVI



SATA3 6 Gbps solid-state in fitlet vs spinning disk below 800 Mbps in fit-PC2

fitlet-i also has powered eSATA not found in fit-PC2.



1 to 4 GbE LAN, 802.11ac WiFi and provision for 3G/LTE in fitlet

4 Gbit Ethernet ports in fitlet-X LAN.

fitlet is using only Intel NICs (I211) for Gbit Ethernet. fit-PC2i has 2 GbE ports, but with realtek NICs.



fitlet includes USB3, miniPCIe, FACET card and GPIOs


None of these features is available in fit-PC2.

fitlet has many additional features, including SMBUS, remote power button, programmable auto-on, power + USB locking and replaceable battery.
















fitlet-i – the swiss army knife of miniature PCs

fitlet-i is a miniature, fanless and ruggedized PC, featuring all the expected functionality and then some.
fitlet-i standard features are unusually rich for a computer its size, including up to 8 GB RAM, mSATA, dual head HDMI, dual GbE LAN, WLAN 802.11ac, micro-SD socket and 6 USB port (2 USB3). Beyond that, fitlet-i features a powered eSATA, RS232, SMBUS, UART, 8 GPIOs and provision for mobile data communication. All features are completely user accessible. A great deal of thought was given to real-world usability scenarios resulting in a long list of integrator-friendly features: power plug locking, USB plugs locking, replaceable battery, programmable power-on, remote power button, power button locking and robust mounting.


fitlet-X – 4 GbE LAN ports to begin with

If industrial PC applications have one thing in common it’s that they are all different. fitlet-X was designed to address this challenge by incorporating the FACET card (Function And Connectivity Extension T-Card). The first introduced solution is fitlet-X LAN, designed for advanced routing and network security applications. fitlet-X LAN provides four GbE ports without changing the form factor or reducing the standard connectivity found in fitlet. OEMs can quickly tailor fitlet-X to their specific requirements by designing a custom FACET card. CompuLab will introduce additional off-the-shelf FACET cards in the future.


fitlet-H – The harden version of the fitlet

fitlet-H is in an all-metal passively-cooled 1″ thin housing.
It is a proven design, deployed all over the world in the most extreme conditions.

fitlet-H is built around the 4.5W quad-core AMD A10 Micro-6700T with Radeon™ R6 Graphics, clocked up to 2.2 GHz with up to 16 GB RAM. Multiple storage options are present in fitlet-H – internal 2.5” hard disk, mSATA port and micro-SD. RAM and storage are accessible through a one-screw service door.




Linux Windows
fitlet X Australia, Fanless PC,
Fitlet x coming soon to
bench mark

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fitlet exploded!

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The new fitlet
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