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Welcome to our blog

It is the first day of the year and we have decided to quietly launch our blog. We are aiming to bring you interesting news and fun facts about PCs, computing and life in general.

As we are continuously looking at better ways to bring our products and services to you, you may notice small changes to our website or social media feeds. We hope that you will enjoy the content we provided and find it informative and useful. Most importantly of all we value your feedback so if you have any comments please do let us know.

As you have no doubt seen, we sell a range of small fan-less PCs and peripheral equipment such as SSD’s, RAM, SATA and m-SATA allowing you the opportunity to customise your PC your way.

We stock the Compulab range of Fit-PC4’s, IPC2’s (Intense PC) and the Micro Servers. These tiny, rugged computers come in a range of specifications with Intel processors and support Windows and Linux, they have a multiple of uses from personal home PCs and media centres to industrial applications. The rugged finish, fan-less silent running and broad temperature operating range from 0°C – 70°C combined with its compact size.

We will continue to increase our range of products as our store develops, so if you are after something in particular and it is not shown in our store, please drop us an email as we may well be able to get it.

IPC2 Close up of USB 3.0

Have a great 2015!

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