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INDT215_21-5_Inch_Bezel_Free_Desktop_Touch_Screen_Large.png has recently partnered with In Touch Screens to bring their range of Bezel-Free commercial touchscreen monitors to our online store. To complement our range of tiny, powerful, fanless PCs, we are selling 19’, 21.5”, 32” and 42” touchscreens. These attractive monitors are suitable for a range of environments, the pure-flat screen with edge-to-edge glass and stylish brushed aluminium, with water, dust and scratch resistance, and full HD resolution with clear and crisp displays, make it suitable for industrial and commercial environments.

With such pleasing aesthetics and rugged durability these touchscreen LCD monitors would not be out of place in corporate HQ reception, a museum or even a factory floor.

These multi-touch monitors support Windows 7 & Windows 8 multi touch gestures including pinch, zoom, swipe and rotate.

All units in the Bezel-Free range have in-built high quality stereo speakers ideal for audio prompts and messages.

Visit our intouch industrial touchscreens on our website for more details or contact us via our live chat support on our website.

These units are in stock and ready to ship across Australia

In Touch Screens is an Australian owned and operated company based in Sydney that manufacture commercial touchscreen kiosks and LCD monitors in Australia. They produce commercial grade equipment, designed specifically for touch, with long life components, that provides a touch solution which has maximum up-time and offers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) over the life of your project.


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