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Lego Computers!


Here at we love, and of course sell, small form factor PCs. We also spend a fair amount of time searching for all the other lovely technology that is out there.

We stumbled across this small form factor PC whilst browsing Imgur the other day and we were blown away by how stylish this Lego PC was. At first I didn’t think it was an actual computer, perhaps just a concept or even some raspberry pi effort. Then we followed this link and found out how actually truly awesome they are.

They are the real deal. A really unique, functioning, decent PC.

The specification is similar (although not quite as good) as our range of IPC2!ipc2-i3/c1x11. Whereas the IPC2 is smaller with ruggedised die cast aluminium construction and passive cooling fanless design, making it ideal for commercial and industrial use. The Lego computer is more of a boutique, fun, beautifully designed item that would delight techno geeks, hipsters and Lego heads and give you many years of satisfying personal computing.

The fact that the Lego bricks aren’t glued together is sticking true to the traditions of Lego, however I would always have a nagging fear that my daughter may rebuild it in to a delightful fairy-tale castle.

This guy, Mike Schropp, who custom builds these rather wonderful machines, is also selling them. They come in a range of specifications and finishes. With a choice of Intel i3, i5, or i7 processors, up to 16GB RAM, 120GB SSD, intel HD4600 Graphics, wireless, DVD/CD Drive (possibly a little redundant in this day and age) with plenty of USB ports and dual display, including one HDMI port.

I’ve taken the liberty of post the basic specs below, but I also recommend that you take yourself and browser along to his website as it is full of marvellous wonders.

Design -Small Form Factor Design -Intuitive Features -Thermal Management Control

Connectivity -Fully Wired Connectivity (USB 3.0, Displayport, HDMI, LAN, Audio) -Wireless Connectivity (Wireless AC, Bluetooth) -Optical Drive (DVD/CD Combo Standard, Blu-Ray Optional) -Front USB 3.0 Ports

Powerful -[Memory] Minimum 8GB RAM and Supports up to 16GB RAM -[Processor] Latest Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 Processors -[Storage] Multiple SSD Drives -[Graphics] Intel HD4600 Graphics

Efficiency -High Efficiency Energy Star Level 5 Rated Power Supply -Low Energy Usage

Capabilities -Easily Capable of Handling Multi-Tasking (Office, Internet, Video, Etc) -Easily Able to Playback HD 1080P Video (1920×1080) -Supports 4K Resolutions (4096×2160) -Multi Monitor Support (HDMI + Displayport) -Geared to Light-Medium Gaming -Built-In and Intuitive System Backup -Supports Windows 7/8/10 & Linux Support

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