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IPC3 i7 with the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor

IPC3 i7

On the 19-Jan-this year– Compulab announced that it would be introducing the successor to the much loved IPC2. It appropriately decided to call it the…IPC3. It is of course a miniature fanless PC but now with the 7th generation Intel® Core™ processor. Again, as with the IPC2, the IPC3 supports a multitude of FACE (Function And Connectivity Extension) Modules but Compulab also introduced a trio of new FACE Modules for advanced networking applications which I will detail shortly.

IPC3 features

In keeping with the IPC2, the IPC3 has the proven ruggedised form-factor of its predecessor but with improved passive cooling to enable 7th generation Intel® Core™-i7 to operate at industrial temperature range of -400C to 700C. As usual for Compulab products the manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on the new IPC3. Standard IPC3 features include up to 32 GB RAM, an impressive doubling of the IPC2s 16GB RAM, plus multiple storage devices spanning M.2, mSATA and 2.5”, dual 4K display interfaces, dual Gbit Ethernet and support for WiFi and cellular data communication. One of the key features of IPC3 the Compulab team are particularly proud of is the support for FACE Modules with internal extension cards that add special functionality on top of the basic configuration.

FACE Modules

Function And Connectivity Extension Modules allow seamless enhancement of the functionality of IPC3 and other Compulab PCs, like fitlet-T and Airtop. The trio of FACE Modules launched are FM-OPLN, FM-POE 1.1 and FM-EBP.

FM-OPLN – dual Fiber-Optic LAN

FM-OPLN adds dual Gbit Ethernet SFP+ ports for fiber-optic LAN built-in IPC3, thus eliminating the need for external media converter while enabling true fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD) in extremely compact form factor. Fiber-optic LAN has some benefits over copper LAN, among them – longer transmission distance, immunity to electromagnetic interference and better security.

FM-POE 1.1 – quad Power-over-Ethernet

FM-POE 1.1 has 4 Gbit Ethernet ports with Power-over-Ethernet. Each port is IEEE802.3af compliant and can supply up to 15.4W. Each port has a GbE controller (Intel i211) on a dedicated PCIe lane. Multiple PoE ports are useful for IP cameras, IoT devices, IP telephony, thin clients and other scenarios where reducing cabling is desired. IPC3 with FM-POE is one of the smallest integrated PoE PCs. It eliminates the need for an external PoE injector while providing full Gbit Ethernet bandwidth to each of the ports. Two additional GbE ports are built-in the basic configuration of IPC3.

FM-EBP – Gigabit Ethernet bypass switch

IPC3 with FM-EBP is a stand-alone PC with integrated Gigabit Ethernet bypass switching. It enables both passive and active switching without the need for heartbeat packets. Ethernet bypass can be directed to an in-line backup PC. FM-EBP is useful for ensuring continuous network integrity, even in scenarios such as system crash or hardware malfunction.

Other FACE Modules

IPC3 is compatible with other Compulab FACE Modules. FM-LAN – adds 4 GbE ports on top of the IPC3 built-in dual GbE ports for a total of 6 GbE ports. FM-SER – adds 6 RS232/RS485 ports on top of the IPC3 built-in 3 RS232 ports for a total of 9 serial ports. FM-XTDM2 – adds two miniPCIe ports on top of the IPC3 built-in port for a total of 3 miniPCIe ports. FM-VC – enables connecting to IPC3 up to 16 PAL/NTSC analog cameras with audio for advanced DVR applications.

The new specs for the ICP3 i7 are below and they will soon be appearing on our website in greater detail along with standard list price for the barebones modules. Currently only the i7 version is available to order but an i5 version is to follow soon. If you want to discuss our trade prices on the new IPC3 please get in contact via

IPC3 Specifications

CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.50 GHz) | Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.10 GHz) RAM: Up to 32 GB DDR3L 1600 dual channel Storage: Internal 2.5” HDD/SSD + 2x mSATA 6 Gbps + SATA M.2 2260 Display: DisplayPort 1.2 (4K@60 Hz) + HDMI 1.4a (4K@24 Hz) Audio: S/PDIF 7.1 input/output + stereo line-out / MIC in LAN: 2x Gbit Ethernet (Intel NICs) WLAN: 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0, dual-antenna Cellular communication: On-board uSIM socket and full-size miniPCIe for cellular modem USB: 4x USB3 + 2x USB2 Serial: 3x RS232 Enclosure: Passively cooled die-cast aluminum Dimensions: 16 cm x 19 cm x 4 cm ; 6.3” x 7.4”x 1.57” Power consumption: 6W – 24W

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